“What are those little birds called?” Fleet asked, looking out the window.
“Those,” Strongclaw told him, eyeing the birds fondly, “are called snacks.”

Newly out of kittenhood, Fleet knows what to expect should he ever manage to escape into the garden, because the older, and supposedly wiser Strongclaw has told him: all dogs are stupid, squirrels are mad, and other cats are forever plotting to invade and steal their precious food. And he also has his instructions; to chase them all away.

But then Fleet does get out, and what he finds doesn’t quite fit in Strongclaw’s menagerie of menace. When he donates some of Strongclaw’s precious food to a family of hungry foxes the two cats are set on a collision course. Fleet will need the assistance of fate to help his friends against opposition from Strongclaw – who has a distinct advantage in terms of size, weight, and dirty low-down cunning – and then the assistance of his friends to save Strongclaw from fate!

The Kindle version can be bought from Amazon – click here for the UK link, and here for USA – or from Kobo – click here. They have Apps and things that let you read them on iPads and other tablets and phones and things, but you probably know more about them than I do!

The paperback will be released on 1st April.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, tell your friends, advise them to read it and leave reviews all over the place. If you don’t, do me a favour and just keep it to yourself.

Soon available on kindle

Soon available on kindle

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Don’t worry – I’ll let you know when!