New Book Update

This isn’t really all that funny, not least because for the past week or so I’ve been suffering not with a cold, not even with man-flu, but with some dreadful disease which would surely have reduced lesser men than me to snivelling, shivering wrecks, shells of their former selves, knocking on the door of death, but quietly because they lacked the energy to demand entry.

Mrs J had it the week before, but it was clearly a much milder version since she just carried on with her routine, pausing only to cough, sneeze and blow at regular intervals.

So, while I continue to suffer like the hero that I reluctantly admit to being this is just to say that at some point in the next couple of weeks I will be doing an interview with Talk Radio Europe, answering all sorts of searching questions about the new book; “Tails of  a Country Garden”. Have you got your electronic copy yet?

Oh. Okay.

Well anyway, in preparation I am not only preparing a number of devastatingly witty answers to things I think they might ask, but also a number of scintillating ad-libs which I plan to throw in when I get the opportunity.

I’ll give some more details later – when I find out more details myself – but for now I’m going to concentrate on getting rid of the lurgy which surrounds me like a malevolent miasma. Otherwise listeners to the excellent Talk Radio Europe (no, nor have I yet, but I plan to) will start wondering why their favourite show has chosen to interview what sounds like a large adenoidally challenged bovine.

Watch this space.

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