Some fine, perceptive members of the press have made comments about me in the past, mostly whilst in a state of inebriation or under threat of exposure. Here’s a few of them …

[His] sense of humour is as silly as mine

Chris Tarrant

(Okay, he’s not press but it was a nice comment)

An engaging and highly commercial talent

Publishing News

Wonderfully unexpected

The Times

(The actual Times, too, of London, not the East Gruntlebury¬†Times or something, who, if they exist, are wonderful I’m sure)

There’s a sharp, post-modern consciousness at work here

New Scientist

(They still haven’t told me quite what that means but I puff my chest out on the assumption it isn’t rude)

(And I’m thinking of having a sign made up with this on it that I can hang on the door of my writing room)

The author’s greatest strength [is] his characterisation

The Dark Side

(True dat, and ¬†– if I may be allowed an opinion – never better demonstrated than in ‘Tails of a Country Garden’)